Easy Seafood Chowder


This hardly classifies itself as a recipe, but the results are so good and it’s so simple that I had to write a quick blog on it. I used to be an idealist when it came to cooking. No shortcuts, made from scratch, finest ingredients I could find. Then I became a mom! Now, I have become much more of a realist (with some of that idealism still in me). On my working days, I have a little over an hour between coming home and the kiddos’ bath time for me to prep, cook, eat, and clean up dinner. This dish is simple and easy solution to help take out some of the stress during that time.

Potato Soup Dry Mix
Frozen Corn
Frozen or Fresh Seafood (Shrimp, Scallops, Fish)
Bacon (optional)
Scallions or Chives (optional)

Yes, that’s right, take the easy road and pick up a package of dry potato soup mix. I found Laurie’s Kitchen soup mixes to work great and are made from all natural ingredients. Begin to make the soup as directed, usually by boiling some water. Add corn to the boiling water at the same time as the dry mix. About a cup is what I use, but the amounts here are all up to your desired tastes and the size of the soup mix also. In the last 5 minutes of cooking, add about 2 cups of seafood (again, amounts as desired). This could be just shrimp, shrimp and scallops, or even a mix with some cod or tilapia chunks if you have any available. Bring to a slow boil to ensure the seafood is cooked thoroughly. Remove from heat and serve.

If extra goodness is desired, top with some freshly cooked crumbled bacon or chopped chives. I used scallions in the photos but I would recommend doing so sparingly and only use the green parts. Their flavor can be too overpowering in the soup if over used. Cheers and enjoy, my friends!


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  1. Great photo – looks great!

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