Cocktail Shrimp Salad

Appetizer, salad, meal… This recipe can be all-in-one or broken into smaller portions to fit your event, lunch, or even last minute dinner as it so happened for me. I love the combination of the classic cocktail shrimp taste with avocado and crunchy fresh salad. I hope you’ll try and enjoy this one as well.


12-16 Large Shrimp
4 Tbsp of Cocktail Sauce
4 Tbsp of Mayonnaise
Handful of Cherry Tomatoes
1/4 to 1/2 Cucumber
1/2 Avocado
1 Romaine Lettuce Heart (can usually be found in packages of 3)
Thin Slices of Red Onion

Peel and devein the shrimp if bought raw and shelled. Sometimes, I’ll leave the tail on if I’m trying to give the dish a fancier look, but be warned that this will slow you down on the eating side of the fence (lol). Boil the uncooked shrimp in water for about 5 minutes until cooked through. Drain and cool. I’ll often put the shrimp in an ice bath to get them cold before dressing the salad with them. Alternatively, you could just purchase precooked cocktail shrimp to toss on at the end.

For the dressing, just mix equal parts cocktail sauce and mayo.


I always have trouble listing amounts of veggies for salads because it can often be a personal preference of how loaded you like to make it. I feel like I’m telling someone how to build their sub! So, above are just some guidelines and how I like it served. You can also go with wedges of roma or vine tomatoes versus cherry or grape tomatoes. A small amount of thinly sliced red onion goes well with this, or scallions sliced thinly instead. Chop up the romaine lettuce, cut the tomatoes, avocado, and cucumbers and load up your bowl.

For the amounts above, I actually made two hefty bowls of salad and shrimp. Start with 2 tablespoons of dressing and add more if desired. It’s got some kick, especially if you have fresh made cocktail sauce (which I luckily have a local market that makes some). Add some crackly-crust-soft-on-the-inside French bread and I call it a meal, though my husband may differ on that opinion, ha!

If you want to make appetizers or side salads, instead divide it into 4 smaller portions. You can even get fancy and put this in a martini glass (see below). Posh, but why not? Happy summertime!


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